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My goal is to create a portrait that you will love today,

and will treasure even more as time passes.  

- David Anderson

  • What to Expect:  Just as with most anything else, a successful portrait requires planning. We highly recommend scheduling a time to meet and discuss your ideas, what is important to you in a portrait, and how much you can expect to spend.  Once we determine the best location for your portrait, we'll then choose a date and time that works for you. If the portrait is to be made outdoors, we'll also determine the best time of day for lighting.  We'll allow plenty of time for your session, and although we work quickly and efficiently, you'll never have to worry about being rushed.

  • How much?  STUDIO Session Fees start at $225.  LOCATION Session Fees start at $450.  A Session Fee is required to commission our services.  After the session, our Collections (packages) are very flexible and start at just $495.  You can always upgrade to a larger Collection, or add individual portraits as you need. Desk-sizes can be added starting at only $72. Add-on Wall Portraits start at just $295.  

  • Included in the Session Fee: Session fees include a planning consultation, a location preview (if applicable), adequate time for the session itself, and a View and Choose appointment after the session.  

  • Finishes: We offer three main levels of portrait finishes, ranging from the durable, but inexpensive Embassy Finish (100 year archival value), to our hand-finished archival Heirloom Portrait that rivals oil paintings in quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. (Heirloom Portraits are often selected for company and institutional portraits that will hang in a prominent location for a very long time. Families also purchase to pass down to future generations.) Other finishes are available on various types of canvas, metal, and even wood. Canvas Gallery Wraps, Heirloom Oil Portraits, and other items such as books and image boxes are available as well. 

  • To save even more, ask about our Advanced Purchase Savings Plan!



“A portrait is one of the few things in life that gets more valuable as time passes. 

Don’t trust your once-in-a-lifetime portrait to a once-in-a-while photographer, or to the temporary digital technology of today.”

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