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We Copy and Restore Old Photos

Have lots of photos, slides, and negatives that you want digitized?

Visit our affiliated business at PhotoScanExpress for pricing and information!

Some of the basic things we can do for your photographs:

  • Remove or add people or things

  • Colorize a black & white photograph

  • Remove cracks and scratches

  • Add titles, names, and graphics

  • Our goal is to bring your photos back to their original condition when new (if possible).


What does it cost?

Every photo will be different, so we will need to see them to give you a firm estimate. Smaller photos that are in pretty good condition but have some minor spots or fading can cost as little as $30.  Photos with considerable damage, especially in critical areas, could be $200 or more to copy and restore.  The cost will also vary depending on the size of the final prints.  


Your originals are never sent out - they stay here in our studio!  Please schedule a time to bring them by using the "Make Appointment" button.

The examples below are our actual work.  Your originals are never sent out of the studio.


This photo was stuck to the glass. We restored it first to black and white, then added color like the original.


Badly faded and damaged photo restored to its original beauty.


Many of the old photos we get have historical value, in addition to the family sentimental value.


Another badly damaged photo restored to like new condition.


Cracks and missing pieces are usually not a problem to restore.


Faded photos can be restored to their original color.


Faded photos can be restored to their original color.


Hard to find antique reproduction frames and convex glass are available.


Hard to find oval frames and convex glass are available.


We get a lot of military photos that need restoration.

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